General Farm Help & Information

Draft-Model Livestock Regulations for Boards of Health (PDF)

Right to Farm (PDF)

Farming in the Wetlands (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required


Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

Am I an Employee?: Employment Relationship Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Farm Plate & DOT

DOT Power Point-Presented at MFBF Annual Meeting (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Slow Moving Vehicles (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Farm Plate Guide (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Using MA Farm Plates in Maine *MFBF Membership Required

Horse & Dairy Farm of Distinction

2018 Horse Farm of Distinction (PDF)

2017 Dairy Farm of Distinction TBD


How to Determine the Right Farm Rental Rate (PDF)

Tax Information

FVAC Chapter Land Recommended Value for Fiscal Year 2017 (PDF)

Animal Excise Tax Values – FY2017 (PDF)

Chapter 61 Program Information

61A Tax Publications:

Excise & Sales Tax Guide For Farmers (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Equine Industry Help & Info

Massachusetts Laws for the Equine Industry *MFBF Membership Required

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Members Only Resources

Northeast Energy Direct Project PowerPoint Presented MFBF Annual Meeting *Membership Required

TN Gas Pipeline Q&A *Membership Required

Negotiating your easement – get what you want *Membership Required