Worcester County Rewards Program

What’s In It For You?

This is your exclusive opportunity to join the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation and become a part of the Worcester County Rewards Program.

As part of the Rewards Program, you will get to explore the retail agriculture locations, such as farm stands and orchards, all over Worcester County and enjoy their bounty at a discount! Some of the farms involved have coupons that can only be used once while others have coupons available for you every time you visit their store!

Learn More Here (PDF)

Horse Farm of Distinction

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation’s Horse Farm of Distinction program was established to recognize and present to the public those Massachusetts stable operators who set high standards and achieve a level of excellence in overall animal health, farm management and compliance with public safety.

2020 Horse Farm of Distinction (PDF)

2019 award winners, include:

Berkshire County

            * Undermountain Farm

Bristol County
            * Blackhorse Farm
            * Bristol County Agricultural High School
            * Chipaway Stables, Inc.
            * Johnson and Wales Equestrian Center
            * Teaberry Farm
            * The Big Red Barn
            * Ventura Stables
Cape & Islands
            * Forget-Me-Not Farm
            * Holly Hill Farm
            * Pond View Farm
            * Smithfield Farm
Essex County
            * Back Bay Farm, Inc.
            * High Tail Acres, LLC
            * Hunters Haven Farm
            * Indian Rock Stables
            * Lalobarun Ranch
            * Sons of the Wind, LLC
            * The Barnyard Maples
            * Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation, Inc.
Hampden County
            * Silvercryst Farm
Hampshire County
            * Greene Acres Equestrian Center
Middlesex County
            * Berryfield Farm
            * Harmony Horse Stables, LLC
            * Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding
            * Pompositticut Farm Inc.
            * Sterling Riding Stables
            * The Ponderaia
            * Wildstar Farm LLC
Norfolk County
            * Yankee Stables
Plymouth County
            * Briggs Stable, LLP
            * Creek Crossing Farm
            * Lazy Stallion Friesians
            * Whit Acres Farm
Worcester County
            * Holly Hill West Inc.
            * Walking High Farm